Rest Easy (Part 4): Got Pen [and Paper]?

Got a thought? Why not add paper and pen with it.

So, I know you’re busy with school, work, and life in general. You barely have time for others, let alone yourself, right? And because you are constantly busy, you often seem to be stressed and moody, right? Well, why not change that! If you’ve got a thought, why not add paper and pen with it? Be extraordinary and write down what you feel. Keep a mood/thought journal. Something small enough not to slow you down during your day. This will help with stress management and is kind of like a ‘therapy’ of sorts to help you cope with today’s busy schedule. You don’t have to write an essay, just two or three words to get your mind going. Start off with a list and by the end of the week, see if this has helped with coping and venting of stress.

Be happy and don’t let stress get the best of you!

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