Label me, why don’t you!

I hate labels. Or should I say, I hate the effect labels have on my self image.  As much as I’d love to find answers to the many questions I have to my disabilities, I feel like I can’t help label myself so that others understand…and so that ultimately, I understand as well. Just like anything else that has adhesive, one day it will likely fade and will no longer ‘stick’. I think the same goes for labels attached to us, whether it’s a positive or a negative. But is that really true? Should labels really matter when they [don’t] stick like glue? Some days I feel like saying:

“Go ahead and label because THIS is why labelling actually helps people with this disorder.
…and why it helps me…” but there are other times where I feel like the labelling is a hinderance and because APD will never go away, I think neither will the label. However, the label itself is merely the tag in which, others judge you by. If you remember that children’s book You are Special by Max Lucado, you would remember that the main character felt ashamed of all the ‘ugly’ tags and dreamed of getting ‘pretty’ tags. However, once he realized those didn’t matter and he was special (no matter what) in God’s eyes, both ‘ugly’ and ‘pretty’ tags had no meaning…because they had no value anymore. The point is, there is nothing wrong with labels. It’s whether or not you choose to let that rule over your life or not.
As for me…no amount of adhesive can stick a label on my heart!