Audi knows best!

Yesterday I went to see my audiologist Theresa, for documentation for the upcoming school year. I did a battery of tests that took close to two hours to complete, I also explained all of my symptoms and she helped me accordingly. I was amazed with how well she listened and assessed my needs. Afterwards she sat me down and explained everything in English, not doctor-lingo! She solidified my queries of what APD all meant and whether I was physically (not neurologically) hard of hearing. It turns out I’m both, which can be common.

Well, it’s official! I have:

  • ~ Unilateral hearing loss (mild hearing loss in my right ear)
  • ~ along with a mild fluctuated hearing loss in both ears
  • ~ Tinnitus
  • ~ and both sub-types of APD (in other words, it’s severe!) 

This means that I need a specifically designed hearing aid, not an FM system as I’d previously thought. This is exciting because now I know what I need with all the appropriate steps along with great guidance.

All I can say is, Theresa Brassard develops strong interpersonal bonds with her patients and she LISTENS… she maintained  great eye contact and gave her undivided attention. It is critically important that clinicians learn how to positively affect their patients during each encounter, no matter how brief. Theresa thought carefully about what she was saying and found ways to explain my problem without having to use clinical terms, even though it took more time. She was very accommodating and had suggested several self help techniques and therapies to help with my APD. She definitely made my visit a pleasant one!

I’d recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat! Thanks Dr. Theresa! 🙂

And thanks Bev and Dr. Jamie MacKinnon for the referral!