Summer Series. six | Loved

This is one of the most truest and inspiring posts I’ve seen yet! Amazing words from an amazing girl!! 🙂


This blog post is dedicated to: Kelly, Bethany, Rachel, Kim, Laryssa, Caitlyn, Sandra, Theresa, Jenn, Julian, Jamal,  Sarah and Nick, Lisa and David, The Arujbros, Aaron, Alix, Darren, Bethany and the rest of my C4 family, Derek, Timothy, My parents, David Valley, Lisa Trepanier, Kulveer and Rochelle.
And to the One who defines true love.



Love is extremely powerful.

This summer though, love has a completely different meaning for me. Love has moved me. Love has changed me.

I’ve been in love.
I’ve been out of love.
I’ve loved someone with my whole heart.
I’ve loved someone even when it wasn’t right.
I’ve loved someone who didn’t love me back.
I (try to) love others with all of my heart.
I desire to love strangers and people who are broken.
I desire to love those who feel sad.
I desire to love those that feel the need to…

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