Love Yourself

Sorry I haven’t been around in a while…busy with school…but nevertheless, I shall give you a few words of encouragement to hopefully brighten your day. I’ve learned recently that when you say something encouraging you must also believe them yourself, if not then they are just empty words without any true meaning. If you have trouble believing the list of encouragements below, don’t worry you aren’t alone. I have trouble believing them too sometimes. Just know that you are loved by family, friends, and most importantly God. He loved you first. Maybe we can start/continue believing in these true words together.

  1. You are beautiful
  2. Being different is not a bad thing
  3. You are loved
  4. You are not alone
  5. You are strong
  6. Never give up
  7. Let the little things go
  8. Don’t let others discourage you
  9. Stay active
  10. Love yourself

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