Five Show Me Your Ears Photos You Must See

From APDiva: I find both these women (Lipreading Mom and friend Joy) amazing inspirations through such a wonderful story. I love the fact that she shared two different sides of hearing (both the loss and sensitivity). I also found this quote so amazing, and from an APDer’s perspective, SO true! “No man is more deaf than he who doesn’t listen.”

Lipreading Mom

As you know, some people come into your life who make a lasting impact on you. My friend, Joy, is that person to me. We met at a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group, both of us pregnant with our little boys at the same time. Now she is the mom of three young sons. She is funny, smart, and has a beautiful heart.

Joy recently shared that she is having trouble hearing and that her ears are sensitive to loud noise. I was glad to be a support to Joy when she came to me with questions about her hearing. And I was thrilled when Joy sent me this clever photo (notice her ear plugs) for my hearing loss awareness project, Show Me Your Ears.

Joy, you are amazing.

Readers—Send Lipreading Mom Your Photo for Show Me Your Ears!

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