“This Small Shell”

seashell“Hope is there. Underneath the palpable force that binds you in a shoebox of inequities. You feel yourself failing because you are put at an unfair standard within a system of unfair entrapment. You hope you will find your way, but still it continues; you’re drowning. So you stay there, and you wait. Then you see it. There, you see it. A way that is different. Because you feel differently, you feel that this shoebox won’t quite fit. You grasp at grains of sand that fall through your fingers, all the attempts to squeeze you in this small space. Then you see it. There, you see it: a seashell. It may seem odd, out of place. But that’s what you’ve been all along—out of place. But that’s a good thing because now you can create your own space, your own world for your differences. All in which to learn a certain way, maybe even at a slower pace, different from the rest but not segregated. Because you are the seashell, while the system falls passed you like grains of sand.”

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