It’s like hearing under water…


Do you ever hear it? The fans overhead blowing about, the constant chatter in the distance, they’re practically buzzing like bees in your ear, and most of all, the muffled confusion of the person you are hopelessly trying to pay attention to. I do. I hear it all.

When I try to tell people about my (C)APD (when necessary) I try to tell them this:

I have normal hearing, however my processing of sounds are disrupted through the Central Nervous System

I am hard of hearing in loud, crowded noises (trouble discriminating sound)

I hear more ambient sounds than I hear voices in front of me. In other words, I have hearing sensitivity

I am auditory dyslexic which means, some words sound like others and/or certain sounds switch when annunciated (For example: Bun/Done, Sick/Pick, Ball/Wall, Forgiven/Fergvin, Fallen/Fellon, Brick/Brokr etc.)

I process auditory information A LOT slower than most people which means that people have to always repeat themselves when they talk to me. (Example: Someone says, “The boy went to the store”
A normally processing person would have processed and heard, “The boy went to the store” I would have processed,”…toy vent…more??”)

Oh and did I forget to mention, I have a TERRIBLE memory! I forget mosts tasks within fifteen-seconds and often get distracted by sounds and whatnot. This means my parents often have to tell me each task one at a time, or else I’ll, well…forget!

All of these little quirks I have, does not mean I’m stupid or can’t learn, it means I learn differently. And I count having APD as a blessing in disguise, kind of like a super power!

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