“…But you’re smart…”


The title is basically the premise of today’s story. Whenever I explain my LD to someone who did not previously know that I had one, they always say, “Oh, I never knew that.” Five-seconds later they say, “But…you’re smart, aren’t you?” In the natural order of the ‘by the way, I have a LD’ conversation it always ends with: “But you’re smart…[insert long pause]” I appreciate the compliment, but the comment often implies a negative connotation. In other words, it sounds like there was a preconceived notion that all people with LD’s are dumb and the ones that are presumably ‘smart’ are the exception. So if you ever come across a friend or family member who has a LD, tell them they are smart and can do anything but try not to say, “but…you’re smart?” because it sounds like you are implying a preconceived notion or a negative connotation even when you’re not.

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