Blessed, Not Suffering

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So, I’ve had APD all my life. It’s been hard sometimes, but definitely manageable. But I’ve also been sick all my life–and that too is hard! It’s kind of like small moments that affect me, little pockets of air, constantly fill this one purple balloon called–life. These small pockets of air can be good or bad: birth, new friends, or sad things like the loss of friends, being teased, feeling left out or being bullied, and every time this one purple balloon is filled with these small pockets of air, my life is affected somehow. Sometimes big events happen that dramatically affect us in life: death, other loss, illness, and other trials. Those big events are like massive pockets of gas that burst my purple balloon and in turn, small pockets of air help fill and repair the purple balloon, which makes me stronger! I never try to complain about my trials, although this may happen at times, I feel like God has blessed me because my triumphs last longer than my trials. And trials are always overcome when you refill your purple balloon with hope, love, and faith!

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