Listen Up!

So, sometimes I hear with my eyes. There are several reasons why. For one, it’s a lot easier. I find it easier, and always have found it easier, to read lips in stressful situations when it comes to focussing during conversations.

I tend to read lips in noisy environments, such as: a rowdy classroom, a restaurant, any time loud noises distract me from a conversation just to name a few. Not only do I have difficulty hearing someone during a conversation with a lot of background noise, I also have difficulty understanding them. For example, I was at a restaurant with a friend and she asked me, “Do you watch storage wars?”
After a ten-second delay to process what I’d just heard, I thought she’d said, “Do you watch story boards?” Further into the conversation I’d realized what she was talking about. Other times, I also have ‘audio dips’ as I like to call them. ‘Audio dips’ occur when some background noises are so loud, that the voices I’m trying to listen to amidst the background noise, actually become muted or sometimes sound like gibberish.

If you always feel this way, you may want to talk to a medical professional about investing in a hearing instrument, an assistive listening device, or an FM system, to name a few. These assistive technologies help tune out background noise and focus on a particular sound, (i.e. voices).

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