One Purple Balloon

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been tiny and I also had a very tiny voice. I remember this one time when I was young, maybe four or five years old, I was at the park with my parents and older sister. My dad had just bought me one purple balloon, and let me tell you, it was my best friend for the whole day. Needless to say, I had a blast! Looking back now, when my father had given me this balloon, he had told me: “Don’t let it go, okay. And tie it to your wrist.” I hadn’t heard him due to all the constant chatter and laughter that emanated from both children and adults alike. All I saw were moving lips.

So I went on my way, with no knowledge or care of what he had just told me. However, when the day came to a close, my grip ever so slightly loosened on the string. And there went my one purple balloon. With a small cry barely noticed, I watched as the balloon floated away, never to return. I’ve had several balloons since then and obviously, this story is not so tragic. However, when I think about it now, even though this small memory is very fuzzy and perhaps some details are somewhat misconstrued, I do know for a fact that this is one of my earliest memories of the effects of having APD.

This is the very reason why I chose the Webpage Theme of floating balloons. Funny isn’t it?

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